Homeowners Beware Of Ice Dams

Here is a great reminder of what ice dams can do to your home.  Be sure to check out your house to see if you have this happening. http://www.weau.com/home/headlines/Homeowners-beware-of-Ice-dams-198874311.html

Kitchen Organization Tips

Some nice tips in this article.  I love the dry erase board on the freezer idea! http://elitehometips.com/8-kitchen-organization-secrets-to-banish-clutter/

Eau Claire Real Estate

Great news for Eau Claire!!!  Check out this article about home sales going up in Eau Claire.  We have a huge shortage of houses on the market right now, especially between $80-$150,000.  If you know someone thinking of selling, now would be the time to get it listed.  First time home buyers have leases that …