Home Staging in Eau Claire, WI

Staging Sucess with Team Tiry

You may be asking, what exactly is home staging? I'm here to let you know what it is and de-bunk some of the myths that people have about it. Home staging is preparing a house for sale. That's it. It's not decorating! We focus on what you already have in your home and maximize its use and placement within your home.

When you get ready to place a home on the market for sale it becomes a product, and just like any product on the shelves at your local store it has features and benefits, pluses and minuses, and there are other products to compete with. To gain an edge in your marketplace you must be priced right and look better than the competition. Sometimes it's difficult to think of a home as a mere product, but it helps to think that way in order to get top dollar for the home and sell it in a reasonable amount of time.

That's where home staging comes into play. There is no guarantee, but statistics show that a Staged home can generate additional buyer interest, maximize the selling price of the home and/or selling it in the least amount of time.

People also think that staging costs a lot of money. Not with TeamTiry though! We offer a FREE home staging analysis with all of our listings if our sellers are interested in utilizing this service. Most of our suggestions only cost you your time and energy to do. This service alone could cost you $500-$2000. This is just another reason to work with Team Tiry who can provide home staging in Eau Claire, WI as part of our regular fees.