A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Team Tiry realizes having great photos to represent our listings is extremely important.  Buyers will rule a house in or out with the photos online so we only get one chance to do it right and get them in the door to see the house.  We don’t whip out our cell phones and go to town taking photos while walking through a home.  We use professional grade equipment and often hire an outside photographer that specializes in real estate photography to take our pictures.  These high definition photos are then featured on the listing on our website.

On homes that will benefit, we have a virtual walk through tour completed so people can see the home as if they were walking right through it.  It helps clients better understand the layout and overall space in each room.  In these occasions, we sometimes find that when buyers show up to a house, they have watched the virtual tour repeatedly and come prepared with questions and have narrowed that house down as a definite possibility.  Often a buyer only views the property once and they have made their decision.  What a time saver for a seller when they don’t have to prepare for additional showings!